Former FRIENDS star David Schwimmer is suing a disgraced Hollywood fundraiser after he made scandalous tabloid accusations about the actor.

AARON TONKEN told America's NATIONAL ENQUIRER that Schwimmer had refused to attend one of his charity events unless he gave him a pair of expensive ROLEX watches, and had documentation to prove his story.

But in legal papers filed in Los Angeles' Superior Court yesterday (14SEP04) and obtained by TV show CELEBRITY JUSTICE, Schwimmer insists Tonken is "a scheming pathological liar, bent on castigating Schwimmer and other celebrities by concocting bogus stories."

The actor is also alleging that Tonken, who has been convicted for fraud, "diverted monies intended for cancer charities and other laudable causes, and connived to rationalise his misconduct by blaming it on the demands of celebrities, such as Schwimmer."

The angry Friends star goes on to call Tonken's allegations "outrageous" and is demanding $2 million (GBP1.1 million) from him for slander.

15/09/2004 02:43