Director David O Russell has allegedly received a threatening email from his long-term enemy, movie journalist SHARON WAXMAN, vowing to ruin him in her new book.

The NEW YORK TIMES movie industry reporter and the Three Kings director have been feuding since Waxman wrote a scathing magazine profile of Russell on the set of his latest film I Heart Huckabees, falsely claiming the material was for her book REBELS ON THE BACKLOT: SIX MAVERICK DIRECTORS AND HOW THEY CONQUERED THE STUDIO SYSTEM.

Russell's anger was exacerbated when she tried to obtain photographs of him and George Clooney for the tome - he sent her an email threatening legal action if she attempted to use the pictures, reports website PAGESIX.COM.

Waxman's email response reportedly read, "Having your attorney call me? How Hollywood of you...and for a zen Buddhist yet. I think you'll regret your nasty behaviour when you read the book.

"But that'll be way late in the day. I've obviously given you too much credit for being a classy human being, not the jerks I deal with all day long in this industry."

20/10/2004 17:22