Actor David Morse was so convincing as a brooding killer in new thriller DISTURBIA, his young co-star SHIA LaBEOUF was terrified of him. The 20-year-old Holes star admits working with method actor Morse was not a fun experience because the Proof Of Life star really did hate the youngster. LaBeouf reveals, "He wouldn't talk to me for two months. He didn't start talking to me until we started doing the fight scenes in the film and then he would say, 'This is gonna be real bad, maybe you should duck.' "He didn't like me at all. We didn't get along at all, plus he's seven feet tall." LaBeouf remembers his co-star was so intense during one brutal fight scene he broke his hand. The young actor recalls, "We were doing this fight scene and he slams my head into the wall and I look at his hand and one finger was clearly broken. His hand was all messed up. He actually broke three of his fingers. "Any normal person would shriek or say, 'Hey, I got to go to the hospital,' but none of that, because David knew I was watching him. So he goes, 'I'm gonna go again.' "He's just a mind screw, because he knew he was intimidating. I was just reacting for real in a lot of the scenes."