Eccentric director David Lynch is trying to raise $1 billion to build a world wide network of Transcendental Meditation "peace palaces" for his guru MAHARISHI MAHESH YOGI.

The MULHOLLAND DR. film-maker has launched an appeal to create the "meditation Meccas" - including head-quarters in India which will be capable of housing 40,000 followers - in the hope of bringing peace to the world through the practice of mass "yogic flying".

Lynch, like late BEATLE star George Harrison, has been a devotee of the practice for years and believes the project can stop conflict in the world.

He says, "He (Yogi) is teaching a way to go within and gain enlightenment. There's this beautiful ocean of bliss and consciousness that is able to be reached by any human being by diving within, which is really peaceful and harmonious and can be enlivened by the group process.

"This group is a peace-creating group. It saturates the atmosphere. This is all about establishing peace. Right now, we gotta get peace back in the world. Peace is a real thing."

22/10/2003 13:52