David Lynch's cult serial drama 'Twin Peaks' is to be paid homage to tonight (02.12.10).

The US show - which premiered on ABC some 20 years ago - is to return in the latest episode of popular TV show Psych for a humourous re-enactment in what star and co-writer James Roday describes as his "love letter" to original creator Lynch.

He added: "'Twin Peaks' was iconic. I think it changed the face of television. 'Twin Peaks' fans are in about 48 minutes of pure bliss. I don't think any of the winks or the tributes will be lost on them"

Meanwhile, actress Sheryl Lee - who appeared as a corpse wrapped in a plastic bag in the pilot episode of The Cult classic - is also set to feature in the episode, something she explained was a "surreal" experience.

She said: "I actually did feel as if I was out of my body that whole day of filming. It was a very strange and surreal feeling."