David Lynch feels a "vast, ginormous sadness" about film fans choosing home viewing over cinema trips to watch the latest releases.
The Mulholland Drive director has not released a mainstream movie since 2006's Inland Empire and he's worried about how his projects would fare with the boom of online streaming.
He tells Britain's Seven magazine, "When the movie comes out, I think there's a different, a different world.
"I think the way people are seeing movies, more and more they're seeing them on their computer. And this is like a vast, ginormous sadness. It's like if there was a cable that delivered power, that cable's snipped."
And Lynch admits he's struggling to find inspiration to make his comeback.
He adds, "I haven't got an idea that thrills my soul to go and do it. And that still remains the case. Say the film industry is a hot-rod car. And it was going about 120 miles an hour, straight down a road. But about five or seven years ago, it hit a little bump. And for some reason skipped over into the gravel. And it's been in a spinning dust gravel, bushes flying spin, and it hasn't stopped yet."