David Lynch's son Riley is following in his filmmaker father's footsteps after launching a Kickstarter.com page to fund a new movie project.

The School for the Art Institute of Chicago student has written the untitled film project and plans to direct it with two friends, but he needs $5,000 (£3,125) to make a start on it, and he has taken to the fundraising website to ask for donations.

He explains, "The film centers on a young man living in poor conditions in a dark city. He is unable to recall his dreams. Previously tapping these dreams as a source for ideas, his budding career as a writer dwindles to nothing. He has a profound love of plant life and nature.

"In his depression over his failed career, his love of alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine spirals out of control. He retreats from this city and relocates to a home in a sunny location. The home he has come to belongs to an elderly woman, whose relation to the man is unknown, though it becomes clear that this is a place of healing and mental rehabilitation.

"The man spends his days writing and working in the garden with the woman. Her ways are strict and she forbids him to fall upon any of his vices, but there is a deep tenderness to the woman. This love that the woman emanates begins to brush off on the man after hours spent in the garden."

Riley's dad is already a fan of the project and took to Twitter.com on Monday (25Feb13) to support his son, writing, "Dear Twitter friends, I just found out my youngest son Riley has a Kickstarter page. Please check it out... I really loved the first film he shot, Four and a Half Days, which he mentions on his page. I'm gonna donate some money myself because I really wanna see what he does next."

At press time, Riley Lynch's Kickstarter.com fund had topped $680 (£425).