LATEST: A temporary restraining order filed by a Santa Fe, New Mexico woman against US talk-show host David Letterman has been dismissed.

District Judge DANIEL SANCHEZ left many legal observers puzzled when he granted COLLEEN NESTLER her restraining order after she claimed Letterman had used code words on his chat show to woo her after she started writing to him in 1993.

Authorities, however, have overruled Judge Sanchez's decision due to a lack of jurisdiction.

Legal documents filed last week (ends23DEC05) by Nestler also reveal she had similar complaints about other TV personalities, including former FRASIER star Kelsey Grammer.

Letterman's attorneys filed papers with the judge asking to terminate the restraining order late last week, calling Nestler's allegations "frivolous".

Judge Sanchez has yet to make a comment about the case.