Talk show king David Letterman has blasted Paris Hilton's publicist on air, after he convinced the hotel heiress to pull out of an appearance on his show yesterday (26NOV03).

Dan Klores told Paris not to go on Letterman's programme as it would only serve to increase her profile in the wake of her recent sex tape scandal.

But veteran Letterman was less than pleased and tore into the spokesman during Tuesday's (25NOV03) programme, according to website PAGE SIX.

He said, "The reason she cancelled, she hired a publicist, this no-good, beady-eyed, weasel thug putz, publicist got ahold of her and forced her to cancel her appearance.

"I'm telling you, this guy is really lower than pond scum. This guy is, you know live bait? This guy is dead bait. You couldn't be oilier than this guy."

Paris, 22, shocked the world when a tape of her having sex with ex-love RICK SOLOMON - the husband of SHANNEN DOHERTY - was leaked on the Internet.

27/11/2003 21:19