U.S. chat show host David Letterman publicly apologised to Paris Hilton on Friday night (01Feb08) for hurting her feelings during an infamous 2007 interview. The late-night TV presenter upset the socialite when he grilled her about her prison stint last year (07), and refused to change the subject when Hilton begged him to. So, when Hilton agreed to return to Letterman's The Late Show to promote her new film The Hottie + The Nottie, the host decided it was time to make amends. Before introducing the hotel heiress, Letterman said, "I made a fool of myself and I hurt the woman's feelings. I went too far." The host revealed Hilton was adamant she'd never appear on the show again, but he tracked her down to apologise, sent her a letter and flowers, and implored her to change her mind: "I said... let me apologise to you in person. "In 26 years of being on the air, I have offended thousands of people... but Paris, God bless her, has the backbone to come and be on the show." True to his word, Letterman began his chat with Hilton by apologising for his behaviour during their previous encounter, prompting his smiling guest to say, "I hope you got the whole jail thing out of your system." And the chat show host was on his best behaviour, chatting to Hilton about her new film and helping her to promote her own sparkling wine, cellphone videogame and shoe, jewellery, watch, scent and clothing lines. The thrilled socialite had some kind words for the host when he asked her if she was glad to be back, stating, "You're being really well behaved so far. You're not being naughty." And, after swearing she'd return, Letterman presented Hilton with a bunch of flowers.