David Letterman and his guest Conan Obrien spoke about their talk-show rival Jay Leno on Thursday's episode of 'The Late Show' and it wasn't exactly a glowing appraisal. The two television stars reunited on Letterman's program for the first time in 13 years, and discussion quickly turned to Leno.
After the well-documented dispute between O'Brien and Leno (which led O'Brien to set up his own show on Tbs), the former shared his views on the matter, saying, "I feel terrific, I really do.I'm very lucky to get to go on television and to get to do my thing my way, and Tbs lets me do whatever I want. They don't watch it, they don't care. Cheques come in.and I have a great time". However, Letterman didn't shy away from admitting that their rivalry brought him happiness, to which Conan replied, "If this is bringing you some measure of joy, then to hell with my career". The veteran Late Show host explained that Leno was the guy that everybody wanted to be during their early comedy days, though branded him "a bit of a brat". Letterman added that once the 'Tonight Show' war began, he thought, "Oh yes, this is the Jay I know".
O'Brien hosted the 'Tonight Show' from June 1, 2009 to January 22, 2010, with NBC reinstating Jay Leno to the hot seat on March 1, 2010.