David Letterman schedules his life around his family.

The 69-year-old television personality - who stepped down as host of 'The Late Show with David Letterman' in 2015 - says his schedule is now ''secondary'' to that of his wife Regina Lasko and their 13-year-old son Harry.

Asked what a regular day is to him now, he said: ''Right now, I'm missing 'The Price Is Right'; thanks a lot! A regular day is structured around my wife and son. I am secondary to their schedule.

''But my days - I was just in California with some people. It was business related. So I do a lot of that, and I do a lot of pro bono work, as they say in the legal industry. But mostly I sit on the edge of the bed and stare at the floor.''

And whilst David is enjoying being out of the spotlight, he admits he is still adapting to his new life.

He told Vulture: ''It's still hard. I have trouble operating the phone. That's the God's truth. I needed a pair of shoelaces. And I thought, Hell, where do you get shoelaces? And my friend said, there's a place over off I-84, it's the Designer Shoe Warehouse. So I go over there, and it's a building the size of the Pentagon. It's enormous. If you took somebody from - I don't know, pick a country where they don't have Designer Shoe Warehouses - blindfolded them and turned them loose in this place, they would just think, You people are insane. Who needs this many shoes? It's sinful.

''It's one of these places where there's no employees and every now and then there's just a scrum of shoe boxes. I'm not finding the damn shoelaces, and finally I think, maybe it's one of those items they've got at the counter. I go up there and I'm nosing around the counter and, by God, there's shoelaces. This is after about an hour. So now I'm waiting in line and the woman checking people out says in a big loud voice, 'May I help our next shoe lover, please?' I just started to tremble. Nobody else seems to have a problem with going to a store!''