Late night US chat show host David Letterman was prepared to wed guest TOM CRUISE and his fiancee Katie Holmes on his programme last night (23JUN05) - he invited a judge to stand by just in case.

Cruise thoroughly enjoyed the joke and met the judge backstage before he appeared on the show.

He told Letterman, "I love the judge in the back, that's very funny. That is a Letterman classic."

The chat show host played another joke on Cruise, poking fun at the actor's recent show of affection for Holmes on Oprah Winfrey's TV show - when he jumped up and down on her sofa - by playing Van Halen's JUMP as the movie star stepped out from backstage.

The good-humoured chat included Letterman criticising Cruise for proposing to Holmes at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

He scolded the actor, "You go to Paris and the Eiffel Tower and all of that... That was a nice touch. You make the rest of us look like rube (unsophisticated country person), like we just rolled off a turnip truck."

24/06/2005 08:02