David Lee Roth is getting back behind the microphone with legendary 80s rockers Van Halen, in the latest reunion tour to tempt fans to part with their cash once again.

VAN HALEN join a growing list of pop, rock and indie groups who are reforming to have one last go at storming the charts, sell out tours and gigs and rake in yet more money from their franchise.

Antipodean popsters CROWDED HOUSE, UK band JAMES and Wet Wet Wet are among those seeking to squeeze that bit more from their previous successes.

VAN HALEN are rumoured to be planning some 40 shows in a US nationwide tour, with the main attraction being the return of Roth as lead singer, notably because he hasn't toured with the band since 1985 after clashing with lead guitarist EDDIE VAN HALEN.

Meanwhile, many UK bands seem to be taking note of boy band Take That's phenomenal return to form since splitting in 1996. The group reformed for a tour last year and released a new album and single recently which shot to the top of the charts.

However, not every group has had such successful returns, with girl group All Saints' new album flopping and East 17's return largely ignored.

But while money appears to be the motivating factor for most, as well as one more BIG BROTHER-like grab at the Apple of fame, Genesis members claim this is not the case for them.

Phil Collins recently admitted: "We're all loaded enough not to worry about where the next million or two is coming from."

29/01/2007 11:06:40