BRET MICHAELS was overjoyed to find himself partying with his rock hero David Lee Roth when he first moved to Los Angeles - until someone told him he was actually hanging out with an impersonator.
The Poison frontman was amazed to find himself watching what he thought was legendary group Van Halen in small Hollywood club Whiskey A Go Go in the mid-'80s, just weeks after moving from Pennsylvania to California.
Michaels says, "When I came out here (Los Angeles), one of my best experiences ever was going to the Whiskey A Go Go. I was a Van Halen freak, so I went down there (after) I was told they were doing a special show.
"David Lee Roth was on the stage, the band was identical (sic) and they played.
"I hung out with David Lee Roth and no one was talking to him and it was the coolest thing. I'm at the bar, I'm hammered, I'm enjoying myself. I was like, 'I rock. This is the greatest thing ever. No one's talking to Dave.'
"I realised I was a complete idiot because someone came up and said, 'That's not David Lee Roth you're talking to and it's an imitation Van Halen band.'"