Lost tracks recorded by late THE WHO star JOHN ENTWISTLE have been unearthed by JUDAS PRIEST star GLENN TIPTON for a new album release.

Tipton teamed up with veteran drummer COZY POWELL and Entwistle to form secret supergroup TIPTON, ENTWISTLE, POWELL (TEP) in the late 1990s and recorded an album's worth of material he christened BAPTIZM OF FIRE.

However, Tipton's record company, Atlantic, refused to release the album because executives felt it was dated - and insisted that the Judas Priest star add a few more modern, high-profile celebrity guests to the project.

Tipton says, "They thought it was a bit old school."

The Priest rocker eventually ditched the album project for another solo venture he recorded with David Lee Roth and Metallica's ROB TRUJILLO.

But, after checking out the TEP sessions last year (05), Tipton decided fans should hear the tracks - because they prove just how good a bass player Entwistle was.

Tipton adds, "I always knew that Cozy was a great drummer, but I never realised what good a bass player John was, until he came down to the studio and started to play. I always felt that these tracks were valuable tracks, and deserved to see the light of day."