PETER O'TOOLE has a guru to thank for his groundbreaking role in David Lean's Lawrence Of Arabia, because the mystic told the director's wife O'Toole was the only one who could play the iconic lead. O'Toole shot to fame as flamboyant soldier TE LAWRENCE in the classic 1962 movie, but insists he was never among the list of favourites to land the role. He tells men's magazine Esquire, "Everybody was offered the part of Lawrence of Arabia: Marlon Brando, Greta Garbo, Groucho Marx. Everybody but me. They all turned it down for various reasons. "David's wife was seeing a guru at the time, and this guru had seen a film called THE DAY THEY ROBBED THE BANK OF ENGLAND, in which I played a silly English (army) officer. And the guru told her that he had just seen the man who should play Lawrence."