Actor David Hyde Pierce refuses to return to TV - because his role on hit U.S. sitcom Frasier has defined his career.
The 49-year-old star enjoyed an 11-year run as Doctor Niles Crane on the Cheers spin-off, winning the actor four Emmy Awards before he turned his talents to the stage.
Pierce has since enjoyed a 16-month-long stint on Broadway in his Tony-award winning role in Curtains.
But, as the curtain falls on that play, he insists we won't be rushing back to TV, despite receiving a flood of offers.
He says, "In between (plays), I'll take some time off. I haven't had a break since Frasier.
"People have approached me about going back to TV. Basically, I said to them, 'I'm happy to look at scripts, but I don't want to go back to television.'"
And Pierce adds he's holding no hope for a reunion of the sitcom: "I don't think a reunion show is a good idea. People understandably have a desire for more of these characters, but the reality won't meet the dream."
Pierce is set to return to the Broadway stage in a revival of 1934 comedy Accent on Youth, which is slated to debut next spring (09).