Former FRASIER star David Hyde Pierce raises a laugh from pals whenever he discusses his past jobs - because he once worked as a security guard.

Before finding success as an actor, Pierce enjoyed enforced security at a live music venue - depending on the featured band.

He says, "I was a security guard at this performing arts centre in my hometown in upstate New York. And the good part was that it was the summer home of the PHILADELPHIA ORCHESTRA and NEW YORK CITY BALLET. I got to stand there in my coat and tie and sort of help mostly elderly people into the performing space.

"But when they weren't doing that they had THE Charlie Daniels BAND and GUNS N' ROSES and they would come up and chain their motorcycles to the fence and try to pull it down so that they could get in. So that was when I went in security hut and read a book."

10/05/2005 09:31