Gay actor David Hyde Pierce has blasted Californian lawmakers for threatening the legality of his marriage.
The former Frasier star and his longtime partner, TV writer/director Brian Hargrove, took advantage of last May's (08) legislation allowing gay marriage and exchanged vows in a low key ceremony in October (08).
The law was overturned in November (08) and gay marriage was once again illegal.
Lawmakers in California's Supreme Court considered cancelling any marriages that took place during the six months they were legal - but decided to allow them to stand when they upheld the ban on Tuesday (26May09).
Hyde Pierce is pleased his marriage still stands, but is furious it was taken out of his own hands.
He fumes, "Twenty-five years and we got married last October. Here's the thing, Brian and I always kept it low profile, and we got married very quietly, last October 24th and we thought it was fine, and then suddenly the state of California said it's not (legal) and what we thought was a very private, personal decision turned out not to be.
"So now we find out we are still married legally, but... it's like, 'Oh great, we made the cut!'
"It was a very angry-making feeling both in November when it was taken away from me, and also this past Tuesday when I'm sitting in front of my TV thinking, 'Gee, I hope the Supreme Court thinks it's OK for us to be married.' Well it's none of your business!"
Gay leaders in the state now plan to take their fight to federal court.