Former FRASIER star David Hyde Pierce and Rocky Horror Picture Show actor Tim Curry have been named among the cast of Eric Idle's new Monty Python musical.

The acting pair and funnyman Hank Azaria will take the leads in the Broadway-bound production of SPAMALOT.

The King Arthur legend spoof, which became cult Monty Python film MONTY PYTHON + THE HOLY GRAIL, will be directed by OSCAR winner Mike Nichols.

Pierce, who played Frasier's brother NILES CRANE in the hit sitcom, will play SIR ROBIN and Curry will play King Arthur. Azaria will take on the role of SIR LANCELOT.

The show is set to debut in Chicago, Illinois, in December (04), before beginning a Broadway run in February (05).

08/07/2004 20:58