Publishers are lining up for a bidding war to win the rights to late actor David Hemmings' partly written autobiography.

The BLOW UP star - who died suddenly of a heart attack while filming in Romania last week (ends05DEC03) - had been working on his memoirs right up until his passing at the age of 62.

Negotiations are currently in progress with writer PETER BURDEN, who had been working on the project with Hemmings, to complete the story on the cult actor's behalf. And the finished book is expected to attract large bids from publishers.

Burden says, "David had written an awful lot of stuff which needed sorting. There will certainly be an autobiography. I've only been working on it for the past three months.

"David had been writing bits on and off for eight or nine years. I also have masses of material that I garnered talking to him."

And Burden is confident Hemmings' life story will not disappoint fans.

He adds, "It will be a super book. David had a mass of lovely stories and he had a wonderful sense of humour. He was a lovely chap and great fun."

10/12/2003 02:27