THE HASSELHOFFS, the new reality television show that starred actor David Hasselhoff and his family, has been axed after just two episodes, reports the UK's Daily Mirror. TV bosses pulled the plug on the series after viewing figures plunged following the season premiere.
718, 000 people tuned into the first episode of the reality show, which was broadcast on the A&E Network, however, the figure dropped to just 505,000 for episode two, and the decision was taken for the show to be cancelled. The program followed the 'Baywatch' star and his attempts to promote the music of his two daughters TAYLOR ANN HASSELHOFF and HAYLEY HASSELHOFF, and also featured the 58-year-old speaking candidly about his alcohol addiction. The family shot ten episodes in total, one of which saw the Hasselhoff family dog receiving treatment for an addiction to tennis balls, however, the remaining eight episodes will not be shown. Television executives were hoping that the series would emulate the success of the multi-award winning 'The Osbournes', which saw Ozzy Osbourne's dysfunctional family become some of the most recognizable faces on the planet, however, 'The Hasselhoffs' did not connect with viewers in the same way that Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly, and Jack did.
Hasselhoff is yet to comment on the axing of the show, and he is currently in London playing 'Captain Hook' in a pantomime performance of 'Peter Pan'.