LATEST: Rapper ICE-T has poured scorn on reports he's working on a new album with David Hasselhoff, insisting the story is a two-year-old joke - but he'll teach the actor how to rap for $5 million (GBP2.8 million). The BODYCOUNT star is convinced he's a good enough rapper to pass on his talents to almost anyone - for a price. But there's no album with the Baywatch creator in the works. He says, "It's a two-year old story. What happened was a British interviewer was talking to me. He said, 'Ice T, you're so cool, you could probably make anybody rap.' "I'm like, 'Yeah, for enough money. For $5 million, I'll have him (Hasselhoff) rapping like JAY-Z.' It was just a joke. "But the offer still stands. For $5 million I will have him rapping... If (OSAMA) BIN LADEN called me and said he had $5 million I'd have him rapping, and capture him at the same time."