LATEST: David Hasselhoff's frantic daughter begged her father not to call cops and paramedics to her home after hearing she was bleeding after an attack by the family cat. The Baywatch star reportedly called emergency services to his ex-wife Pamela Bach's home after his eldest daughter, TAYLOR-ANN, called to tell him her sister HAYLEY had been scratched by the family cat. Singer Bach is still puzzled about why her husband, who was allegedly boarding a plane to Europe at the time, made such a fuss of the incident - and refused to listen to his teenage daughter as she begged him not to call the cops. She says, "To me there's no rhyme or reason to it... Hayley had said, 'Why are you calling the police and ambulance? Please, dad, don't.' "If anything, it was traumatic that they were here for no reason." And now Bach can't wait for the release of the police tape of her ex's emergency call because she thinks it will prove he overreacted. Bach, who fought a bitter divorce battle with Hasselhoff earlier this year (06), even disputes he was boarding a plane when he made the call, adding, "He lives 10 minutes away... Spain and London will be there next week; they'll be there tomorrow. Why would you cause such chaos and not be here. "He's done some pretty bizarre things. I hope he really gets help."