David Hasselhoff is turning the tables on AMERICA'S GOT TALENT co-star PIERS MORGAN, after suffering years of abuse at the hands of the former British newspaper editor. The ex Daily Mirror editor, who has since found fame in America as a judge on the hit TV show, was allegedly at the heart of tabloid rumours claiming Hasselhoff was gay, and the former Baywatch star believes it's now time to seek revenge. Hasselhoff says, "Piers! Piers is piercing. Piers is rude. All of America hates him because he made a little boy cry on the show. "But now that he is a star, I have taught him that he is fair game because of all the crap he used to write about us. "Welcome to our world, Piersy, pal. I am going to tell everyone that he is gay and see how he likes it."