David Hasselhoff is developing his own rock opera with the writer who turned him into DR. JEKYL and MR. HYDE onstage.
The former Baywatch creator has teamed up with Frank Wildhorn to create a musical which he'll perform in castles around the world with an orchestra.
He says, "Frank has written some beautiful music and about two years ago I made a deal to sing his gorgeous songs, take the tuxedo and the orchestra into a castle. The songs are really healing for me."
Ambitious Hasselhoff also has plans to stage a one-man show, called Viva Hoff Vegas, in Sin City.
The ever-fun star reveals, "It's a fun act. I had a ball in Vegas with The Producers and I think Vegas wants to see The Hoff, so I'm putting together a knock-down, drag-out, crazy, make-fun-of-my-life, Hoff show that also tells my story.
"It'll be a little about Baywatch, about Knight Rider, about the Wall in Germany. I've got footage of all of this; I've saved everything.
"Then we might do a sexy after-hours show at the (Las Vegas German-themed club and restaurant) Hofbrau House, which already offered me the gig. I love Vegas because you can live outside in Red Rock, breathe the air and then go crazy in the casino.
"My audience is really there because I've been around for so long. "I'm dead set on this stage show because I feel as if I can do it after The Producers. I've become good friends with (creator) Mel Brooks, which is an honour.
"I'm 55 and I've finally arrived because Mel Brooks told me that I was good. It made me go, `Wow!' To me that was it. Even though I was wearing a dress and playing a gay Hitler at the time."