Former BAYWATCH star David Hasselhoff is thrilled with his new found career success after enduring a traumatic year in his personal life. Hasselhoff has had enough work to distract him from his troubles - he is starring in the new movie CLICK with Adam Sandler, and is also a judge on the new US reality show America's Got Talent. And thanks to his busy life, he has managed to come through his messy divorce with wife CATHERINE, as well as his mother's illness. He explains, "I've had a pretty rough year, I'm going through a situation at home with a divorce. "It's a tough thing to go through when you've got children and then my mother almost passed away. "You get pretty spiritual when you get older. God's blessed me with a lot of success. "It's important - all the garbage they read in the rags - I don't care about me, because I know it's garbage. "It's just what the kids have got to go through, but my kids they don't care either. "As long as I've got the respect of my parents and my children, I know I'm cool."