David Hasselhoff's girlfriend is refusing to accept the star's marriage proposal because she wants to get to know the Baywatch legend properly before they wed.
The actor began dating Welsh beauty Hayley Roberts earlier this year (11) after they met on the set of U.K. TV show Britain's Got Talent, where Hasselhoff sat as a judge.
He stunned Roberts by proposing to her twice last month (Sep11) during a a romantic break in South Africa, but she said no - and now the blonde beauty has revealed her reasons for turning down Hasselhoff's offer of marriage.
She tells Britain's Reveal magazine, "Why rush into something so soon? We've only been together for eight months and we're still learning about each other.
"I think two years down the line, things will be different, as they won't be so early and new. I want him to ask my parents and get their permission."