Actor David Hasselhoff is planning to disguise himself at the climax of the Gumball 3000 rally this week (ends13Jun14) by wearing a mask of his own face.

The Knight Rider star is a huge fan of the annual event, in which celebrities drive luxury cars across the world, and he has participated in it six times.

Hasselhoff joined other competitors when the rally reached London on Sunday (08Jun14), and the former Baywatch star revealed he is planning a bizarre cover-up to 'fool' fans when the motorists arrive at the final destination, Ibiza in Spain, on Wednesday (11Jun14).

He says, "I don't want to get mobbed in Ibiza, I'm looking forward to sneaking away to some private beach with my Welsh girlfriend... and maybe go to the party for a bit. You know, I might wear a David Hasselhoff mask so no one will recognise me and will think I'm just a fan of David Hasselhoff, (because) David Hasselhoff would never wear his own mask."