David Hasselhoff wants to buy a castle for his Welsh girlfriend Hayley Roberts.

The 'Baywatch' star has already named his yet-to-purchase place, the Hassel Castle.

David, 59, came up with the idea as he was in Cardiff, Wales staying at the hotel where he met Hayley, 32, last year, while he was a judge on 'Britain's Got Talent'.

He said: ''I'm looking for Hassel Castle but everything I've seen so far is too big!''

David recently declared he doesn't need to use DRUGS to treat erectile dysfunction like many men his age.

He told The Sun: ''I am anti-Viagra. I am the Hoff.''

David said about the former shop assistant who is 28 years younger than him: ''The sex is beyond belief.''

The television star even claimed that he would like to die in bed with the pretty blonde if he could choose the best place to pass away.

He added: ''Someone asked if I could pick how I could die. It would be in bed with my Welsh woman. She is the best sex of my life - it's ridiculous.''