David Hasselhoff has written a touching tribute Glen A. Larson, the creator of his hit show Knight Rider, insisting the Tv mogul never got the respect he deserved.

In his essay for America's Tv Guide, the actor credits Larson with helping him land the lead role in the 1980s Tv hit and reveals that at the height of the show's success, the only programme on Tv that enjoyed better ratings was The Cosby Show.

Hassellhoff writes, "He and I just hit it off. He gave me a lot of freedom, and over the years we became friends. He was very proud of Knight Rider.

"With Knight Rider, we had a great statistic: We had more viewers per family than anyone except The Cosby Show... He never got the respect that he wanted or deserved. In his heyday, he had seven shows on the air at the same time."

Larson, who also created hit detective series Magnum P.I. and The Fall Guy passed away at a hospital in Los Angeles on 14 November (14) following a battle with cancer. He was 77.