David Hasselhoff finds the silence ''deafening'' when he is alone.

The former 'Baywatch' star is renowned for his positive outlook and upbeat nature, but says that when he's alone at night, he gets lonely.

The star - who is currently dating Welsh beauty Hayley Roberts - said: ''Eighty per cent of the time I am positive and upbeat. But you know what? You can meet 10,000 people in a night, however, if you then go back to your hotel room and you're on your own, the silence can be deafening.

''I worked on Christmas Day, I've missed a lot of weddings because of work commitments. You miss a lot.''

One way in which David finds solace however is in his canine friends, as he spends a great deal of time and his own money on saving rescue dogs.

He added to Britain's OK! magazine: ''Travel and dogs are my biggest extravagances. No expense is spared when we travel and my family love dogs. I probably spend $1,000 a time on dogs as we help rescue a lot of them.''