David Hasselhoff is ''totally amazed'' fans want to bring back 'Knight Rider'.

The 65-year-old actor portrayed lead character Michael Knight in the original TV series from 1982 to 1986, and revealed he has been in talks with 'Guardians of the Galaxy' filmmaker James Gunn about rebooting the franchise, which he finds ''nuts''.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, Hasselhoff said: ''We're in talks right now about maybe bringing 'Knight Rider' back.

''I'm totally amazed every day, to the point where sometimes I can't go out. It's just nuts.

''It's nuts even going to the market in Calabasas or Lake Sherwood, where the superstars live.

''I go to the gate and they want my autograph. They call me the true survivor.''

The original TV series is a cult classic which told the story of primary field agent Michael, and his technologically advanced car KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand), who fought crime with the use of the latest equipment.

Last year, the actor admitted he'd been thinking about how a 'Knight Rider' film could work and thought of a 'Fast and the Furious'-style adventure movie based on the old TV series.

He said: ''I see it as more of a continuation of the TV series, and they can add new characters or whatever, but they should basically keep the same feeling of the show.

''There are so many people out there that will absolutely freak out and love it. It would be Michael Knight kind of coming out of retirement with his son and having adventures around the world, and doing a 'Fast and Furious' with the 'Knight Rider' car. How cool does that sound? How cool could it be?''