David Harbour has spent time in a mental asylum.

The 'Stranger Things' star has always battled with anxiety and self-hatred but he has revealed his parents sent him to a psychiatric hospital when he became convinced that he was connected to ''some sort of God'' in his mid-20s.

Speaking in an interview with comedian Marc Maron on his WTF podcast, released this week, the 51-year-old actor said: ''I really had like a bit of a break where I thought I was in connection to some sort of God that I wasn't really in connection to.

''And I have to say one thing about the mental asylum...really, really not as fun as you think it is. You do have a romantic idea...and it just ends up being sad and smells like s**t. And the other thing was boating.

''I recently went out on a ship in open water, and I'd read Moby Dick a million times, and it's really not sexy, it's horrible. It's very similar to the mental asylum experience.

''Have you ever been to a mental asylum? The only thing that defines a 'crazy' person and a 'normal' person...is they're convinced they're sane. Crazy people are convinced they're sane, like, 'I'm the only one that gets it.' It's incredible.''

David has admitted his mental health plummeted when he beat his alcohol addiction but, although he turned to booze, he's never been interested in trying drugs.

He explained: ''I realised that I don't really need them [drugs], that I have a capacity to see the elves in the corners of my room if I really allow myself to go there.''

After he spent some time in the asylum, doctors diagnosed him with bipolar disorder and he's since been on multiple medications to try and balance out the chemicals.

He said: ''That's actually when the drugs came in.

''I've had a struggle, going on and off the medications.''