Aborigine actor David Gulpilil has been charged by an Australian court after brandishing a machete during an argument. The Crocodile Dundee star was arrested in the Northern Australian city of Darwin, after police said he grabbed the machete during an altercation at a boarding house. Gulpilil, narrator of TEN CANOES, Australia's official entry for Best Foreign Language Film at next year's (07) Academy Awards, told reporters carrying a machete was like walking around with a knife and fork and he was "just helping people at a party". The actor says, "That was my knife for my carving, for my didgeridoo. I carry all my equipment just like a knife and fork. So then people complain about it. I am in white fellas law, I am here, I am trying to save myself." A hearing into the weapon charge has been set for 8 January (07), before Gulpilil heads overseas on a promotion circuit for Ten Canoes.