AUSTRALIA star David Gulpilil leads such a remote life in the Australian outback, he has only just discovered Jimi Hendrix, who he befriended 38 years ago, has died.
The 55-year-old Aborigine has starred in a string of hit Aussie movies since finding fame in 1970 epic Walkabout.
But he still lives deep in the bush, cut off completely from civilisation.
And during a casting meeting for Australia, director Baz Luhrmann was stunned to discover how out of touch Gulpilil really is.
The filmmaker says, "He's quite mystical. I went to see him and he said, 'Baz. That fellow I played didgeridoo with all those years ago. Jimi Hendrix. Is he still around?'
"He had no idea."
Hendrix died in London in 1970, shortly after his meeting with Gulpilil.