A mythical JERRY GARCIA sketch, which experts call a "subconscious self-portrait" of the late GRATEFUL DEAD star, is set to raise a furore when it's shown for the first time since the rocker's death at a new Los Angeles exhibition.

The Reluctant Dragon - or Smile, as fans know the piece - is said to be an image of Garcia as the rocker saw himself; a big, old friendly smiling dragon.

The second-edition print will be among 40 Garcia exhibits on show at the Jerry Garcia Art Tour's first Los Angeles stop, when it hits the Mr Musichead Rock Art Gallery for three weeks from 17 September (05), but it's sure to be a fan highlight as it's rarely seen and has never been available to the general public.

Mystery surrounds the ownership of the original and even Garcia's estate don't know the true identity of the pseudonym CASSIDY ROSE.

The Garcia estate's art curator APRIL HIGASHI says, "This will be the first time the print has been available since Jerry Garcia's death 10 years ago. It has always been a beloved image for fans. It shows the playful side of Jerry.

The exhibition, which will also mark the launch of new Garcia art book JERRY GARCIA - THE COLLECTED ARTWORKS, will also feature three original pieces, including DAVID - the rocker's portrait of musician pal David Grisman.

Garcia died of a heart attack in August 1995.