English singer David Gray is refusing to play his biggest hit Babylon because he's become sick of hearing it.

The 2000 song, from his smash hit White Ladder album, was a massive success across the world and fans are always requesting it as his gigs, much to the chagrin of Gray.

He moans, "I only want to sing things that I can feel and if I don't have a feeling for a song... then I'll pass it over.

"Babylon is not very alive for me at the moment. It killed me. I try to resuscitate it from time to time, but how many times did I have to play that thing - 10 times a day, 300 days a year in all kinds of garish situations.

"It's not my song any more. It's very much the audience's song, so if I'm feeling generous I'll wheel it out one night."

Some reviews of Gray's New York City concert on Tuesday (02AUG05) complained about the absence of Babylon.

04/08/2005 17:07