LATEST: Music producer David Gest has asked a New York City judge to void the prenuptial agreement he signed with Liza Minnelli because she didn't tell him she was "a violent alcoholic with herpes". During a court hearing on Friday (08SEPT06), Gest's lawyer called for Manhattan Supreme Court Justice HAROLD BEELER "to set aside the prenuptial agreement" with the singer because "there was substantial nondisclosure of several material issues". According to court documents, Minnelli accuses Gest of having tried to "poison" her, while Gest alleges she kept her medical condition a secret until well after they were married and had "unprotected sexual relations". Minnelli's lawyer, ISRAEL RUBIN, insists the court documents should have been sealed: "This whole thing is ridiculous." Meanwhile, Gest's attorney, SUE MOSS, claims her client is frustrated with how long the case has gone on for and wants to bring the ordeal to an end: "We want to go to trial as soon as possible." Friday's court date was the first hearing in the divorce case in over two years.