David Gest, the estranged husband of Liza Minnelli, was voted off the reality TV show I'M A CELEBRITY by accident, according to reports.

The television producer allegedly missed out on over 30,000 votes for the show when it was aired live last year, meaning he could have still been in the running to win overall.

The Sun newspaper claims that a computer bungle, which it unearthed after obtaining leaked emails on the subject, reveal that some 30,000 phone votes from the public were "lost".

However, premium rate phone operator Eckoh, which is behind the system on the show, dismissed the emails as fake and claims another company, Mig, which runs the text messaging part of the service, gave it the results too late.

Nevertheless, the Sun claims phone line watchdog Ictis has begun an investigation into the situation.

But ITV has also dismissed the claims that Gest shouldn't have been ejected from the show, which was eventually won by ex-Busted pop star MATT WILLIS, when he was.

The channel said: "This accusation is completely wrong. On the night of DAVID GEST's eviction, all votes were counted and verified.

"No SMS votes for DAVID GEST were lost at any time and all his votes across all platforms were counted in the final vote."

13/03/2007 16:07:21