David Gest's British bodyguard and his Hawaii-based doctor could cost his estranged wife Liza Minnelli $10 million (GBP5.5 million) if their divorce battle hits the courts.

Both Londoner IMAN HANDY and DR LEO MEYER will be asked for their testimony on the stand - and both will tell how producer Gest was beaten up by the singer.

Handy also claims he was attacked by Minnelli when he stepped in to break up a fight between the couple.

He says, "She was bashing David, not in a boxing style sense, but more like punching swimming, where they're (the punches) going over the head.

"She punched me in the stomach and I was like, 'Woah, she can punch.' It's like THE INCREDIBLE HULK - he's a green monster and he doesn't know what the other side does. Alcohol can do a lot of things to you."

And Gest's doctor admits he'll gladly testify against Minnelli because he's convinced she beat her husband.

In an interview with America's DATELINE news show, Dr Leo Meyer said, "He has intractable common migraine headache, secondary to traumatic brain injury.

"There's nothing metabolically abnormal. There's no stroke, bleed abscess, no tumour, no aneurysm, but he was assaulted on five specific occasions over a year, based on what he told me and what his personnel told me.

"The role of the physician is a primary advocate for the patient. If you don't believe what the patient is telling you then you probably shouldn't be involved in that relationship."

09/02/2004 09:45