David Gandy is ''slowly expanding'' his Marks and Spencer's fashion range.

The 36-year-old model joined forces with the longstanding retailer to design his own underwear collection David Gandy x Autograph in 2014, and has since launched a swimwear and lounge-wear capsule for the fashion house, but the dark-haired hunk has admitted he has no plans of slowing down and will continue to expand on his line.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz about his partnership with the brand, he said: ''So we've just launched the four seasons of the David Gandy lounge wear so the cashmere, underwear, and that is doing particularly well. We're very happy with where that's gone, so yes we're slowly expanding and the brand has slowly expanded.''

However, the catwalk icon has revealed he had no idea how successful his products would be, although he claims he has worked ''very hard'' on his creations.

He explained: ''To launch a brand and a collaboration, you never know how it's going to take so we worked very hard in making sure it was what I thought was the best lounge wear for the best price.

''The thing is we were building something very new from the start and we just made sure it rivalled others, for example Derek Rose. But of course I imagined we had to make it much more attainable. And that's what I've wanted to always work on that attainable luxury, and that's what we did with the Spring-wear as well. We based it on luxury swimwear that elsewhere was £150 and we were doing it for £30 a pair and that's why we sold the swimwear.

''When it launched it sold every pair it sold a pair every minute on launch day so it's gone very well.''

Although David is happy with the growing success of his collection, he doesn't want it to grow ''too much'' because he is still learning about the business side.

He said: ''I don't want to expand it too much. I'm still learning the trade learning and the business.''