LATEST: Film-maker David Furnish has leapt to the defence of his boyfriend SIR Elton John after George Michael's public letter to the flamboyant rocker earlier this week (begs13DEC04).

The former Wham! star responded to John's criticisms of his "strange lifestyle" and labelling his career "disappointing" in British magazine HEAT on Wednesday (15DEC04).

In the publication, Michael said, "Most of what Elton thinks he knows about my life is pretty much limited to the gossip he hears on what you would call the 'gay grapevine'. Elton John knows very little about George Michael, and that's a fact."

Furnish admits he does not approve of Michael's Heat feature and insists John respects Michael as a friend.

Furnish says, "It wasn't a rant. I think if you read what Elton actually said it was a fair and honest statement to a friend that he cares about.

"How George has chosen to respond to that is his business."

17/12/2004 03:47