When the Canadian married Sir Elton in 2014 they became one of the first gay couples in the U.K. to legally wed.

The husband and manager of the Rocket Man singer has claimed it’s unfair he was denied a noble title after marrying his husband. Usually, when a man is given the noble title of Knight, his wife is bestowed the title of Lady. However, men who marry a British woman with a title such as dame, or princess are also denied a title.

The couple had their 2005 civil partnership renewed following the legalisation of gay marriage in the U.K. but as yet there is no legal method in place where a male spouse can claim a title if he marries a knight.

The Canadian-born film producer tells MailOnline (04April16): "I am for 100 per cent equality across the board for everybody, in all walks of life,’ David, 53.

"So the designation of a title is an example of something we need in order to get there. The reality is, if a woman is married to man with a title, she gets a title," he argues.

‘"I think everybody should have the same opportunities and the same privileges and the same honours," reveals David. "I think if we could just level the playing field in life as much as possible, then we’d all be in a much better place."

Sir Elton, 69, was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1998 during her New Year's Honours list for his services to British pop music and his work for aids charities.

David argues the British honours system should be made more relevant to the modern age.

"I don’t really understand the history of titles and the aristocracy in this country that much," he admits, acknowledging that he is not even sure what his correct title would be if he was given one.

In the U.K, Knighthoods are decided by the Government's honours committee, whose decisions go to the British Prime Minister and then to the Queen, who awards the honour at an official ceremony at Buckingham Palace.