David Furnish flew 7,500 miles to be treated for a bee Sting.

The 49-year-old film producer - the husband of Sir Elton John - travelled from Australia to Los Angeles to get medical assistance for the insect attack, and is now said to be "absolutely fine".

A spokesperson said: "The world went mad over it. David got a bee sting, got on a plane and got it treated. He's absolutely fine."

However, Elton - who has 11-month-old son Zachary with David - was so distressed by his partner's problem he considered dropping a number of planned concerts Down Under so he could be by his side.

A source said: "Elton was extremely distressed. His first instinct was to drop the tour to be with his partner when he was sick.

"But he spoke to the tour promoter and they decided The Show Must Go On."

Elton and David welcomed their son into the world last Christmas Day (25.12.10) and since the new arrival the pair have been "closer" than ever.

David said: "It's joyful, and it was interesting - I didn't think, after 17 years we could feel any closer to each other, but I feel like the whole experience has brought us even closer together.

"And I just marvel at Elton attacking fatherhood for the first time. He's just a complete natural, he's rolled his sleeves up and got right involved, it's been wonderful."