Legendary hitmaker David Foster fears Whitney Houston has lost her magical voice thanks to years spent away from the music scene caught up in drug abuse.
The singer has returned to the spotlight to promote her new album I Turn to You - her first new release in seven years - after winning a battle with drug addiction.
But critics and fans alike have faulted recent live TV performances, claiming her voice is weak and she struggles to hold notes.
And longtime producer and friend Foster insists people are expecting far too much from the 46 year old.
Foster, who worked with Houston on her The Bodyguard album and her most recent release, tells PopEater.com, "The thing about Whitney is that the expectation is absolutely too high for her, because nobody can live up to the hype... She's been gone for so long, and everybody wants that Bodyguard voice.
“I mean, she just kind of ruined it for all of us, and for herself too, 'cause she made such good records, consistently. And she's led most of her life; now she's following a bit."