American actor David Duchovny is using the inspirational words of late music legend Warren Zevon to help him through his directorial debut.

The former star of THE X-FILES is currently directing his wife Tea Leoni, comedian Robin Williams and singer Erykah Badu in independent movie House of D, which he also wrote.

And Duchovny has furnished his onset trailer with a copy of THE WIND, the final album which Zevon recorded with pals including The Eagles, BRUCE Springsteen and Jackson Browne before his September (03) death. The actor is also applying Zevon's philosophies to the work ethic on the New York set.

Duchovny says of Zevon, "One of his last statements is on our call sheet every day: 'Enjoy every sandwich.'

"When we start to think our problems are huge because we're running out of time, or there's been a boom shadow on our shot, we try to remember that there are bigger problems in the world."

03/12/2003 08:59