David Duchovny, Jada Pinkett Smith, Virginia Madsen and Brittany Murphy are among the stars hoping to give their mums a very special American Mother's Day on 8 May (05) by cooing about them in a special issue of INSTYLE magazine.

The May issue of the glossy will feature photos of the stars with their mothers and accounts of their favourite family memories.

Duchovny's mother MEG recalls her son was always a hit with the ladies: "The girls always loved him and invited him for playdates."

And Pinkett Smith admits she owes her own tolerance to her mother's teachings: "What I'm most thankful to my mom for is that she always let me be me. When I had pink hair and wore tons of earrings, my mother never said I couldn't go out looking like that."

Meanwhile, Murphy admits she can't imagine life without her mum SHARON, who she lives with.

She explains, "We have lived together since the day I was born, and I'm not planning on moving out."

15/04/2005 19:49