David Duchovny embarrassed his six-year-old son KYD on late-night television in America on Thursday (25Jul08) by recalling a bee-sting incident.
The actor was promoting the new X-Files film on The Late Show with David Letterman when he recalled his son's painful sunbathing injury.
Kyd, he explained, was sunbathing nude two summers ago when he was stung on the penis by a bee.
Duchovny said, "We were by the pool. He was naked. I saw the bee land on his penis. I watched his hand go up. He whacked it and then started screaming."
The X-Files star admits his first aid skills left a lot to be desired: "I put a diaper on him and gave him a soda."
But the injury had an odd side-effect, which Kyd made the most of.
Duchovny adds, "It was swollen and he wouldn't stop going on about it. He went up to women and was telling them, `Look how big my penis is!'"